Founder Bio: Mike Wheelock

Like a lot of golfers I was introduced to the sport by my father (who I don’t believe ever broke 100). He probably wasn’t the ideal coach, he would position himself about 20 degrees to the left before he hit each shot, but he introduced me to the game and for that, I will be forever grateful. I didn’t truly start to play the game until I joined a club in my mid-thirties. I was a 30 plus handicap and was following in my father’s footsteps. Our club pro took an interest in my game and not long after came a beacon of hope.  My handicap continued to drop and when I left the club I was a 14 and trending down. Like most things life got in the way and took away from time on the course. I saw shades of my father creep back into my game and I just had to accept that I’m not going to get back to my glory days at the club.

Then I bought a summer lake home on a golf course and my life changed forever. A group of guys introduced me to a game called Animals. It was love at first shot. Prior to learning the game, if I were to start out with a double or triple bogey (or worse), I’d write off the front 9, but not with this game, you’re always in it regardless of how bad you happen to be playing. We had scorecards made up to try and keep track of who had what, but one of the challenges was not having a clean scorecard or we thought the other guy would have one. The challenge to keep track of it all was the inspiration behind the app.

After five years and hundreds of rounds golf. Sharing the game with whomever I played with every chance I got, I had the idea to build an app so we could share it with the world, “Anamules” was born. Even though my game has improved, I still have opportunities to generate new Anamules from time to time. I was recently on par 3, I hit my tee shot into the woods (Wood tick, Monkey) I drop a ball and hit a large rock (Rock Lobster) in front of the green and landed in the water (Turtle). I now have four Anamules on one hole and get the Horse. I had to take another drop, chipped on the green and it rolled off in the sand (Camel) – the Sasquatch was born.

Anamules, don’t be a donkey, just try it.